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What is Mediation
“Mediation” is a confidential, Voluntary and Private conflict resolution process in which an impartial third party (Mediator) assists disputants in finding a mutually acceptable and binding negotiated solution to their disputes.
Why Mediation
Mediation provides a conducive atmosphere to dissolve the controversies, differences and disputes with confidentiality. Mediation provides WIN-WIN situation.
Role of Mediators
Mediators make no decisions but they help participants to discuss their differences, increase their clarity and understanding of the situation, hear new informations, listen to each other, and identify choices and resources. Mediators respect disputants abilities, needs, emotions, autonomy and capacity to make disputants’ own choices and decisions so as to achieve WIN-WIN situation.
Advantage of Mediation
Cost of mediation is very reasonable. Mediation move faster than law suits and arbitrations. Mediators save relationships by creating opportunities for disputants to feel heard and work together to find solution in a simple manner. Mediations can be scheduled quickly and at a convenient time for the parties.
What disputes can be Mediated
• Commercial
• Contractual
• Construction
• Consumer
• Corporate
• Family
• Financial
• Franchisee
• Insurance
• International
• Intellectual Property
• Joint Venture
• Maritime
• Partnership
• Property
• Workplace
Who uses Mediation
Individuals, Corporate, Professionals, Public Sector Companies, Industries, Educational Institutions, Professional Organisations/Associations, Hospitals, Landlord-Tenants, Families, Traders-Retail and Wholesales, Exporters and Importers, Realtors, Commodity Traders, Farmers etc.
Binding Nature of Mediation
An agreement reached in Mediation can be binding on both parties. If an agreement is not reached, dispute can be referred to arbitration or a law suit may be instituted.
Role of CNICA in Mediation
CNICA Mediation Center nominates trained Mediators from its eminent panel for mediating the disputes between the parties at a reasonable cost. The centre also provides conducive venue with a neutral, private and confidential setting to avail the opportunity for an open and honest discussion.
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