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66 9th November 2012
The 7th study session was conducted in Dr Ambedkar Law University on 09.11.12 between 02.30 Pm to 05.00 Pm. The Speaker of the session was Advocate Mr Sivanandam and the Topic was “You and your Law Practice”.
65 The 6th Study Session was held on the 28th of September 2012, at 5.30 pm, at CNICA Guindy. The topic for the session was Discussion on the decision of The Supreme Court Constitution Bench in Bharat Aluminum Co Vs Kaiser Aluminum technical service, Inc.& Address on the Book titled “Arbitration – Law And Applicability” authored by Mr Sukumar ‘. The session was conducted by Mr. A. Sukumar (Advocate, High Court, Karnataka) followed by a discussion.
64 The 3rd Study Session to be held on the 8th of June 2012, at 5.30 pm, at CNICA Guindy. The topic for the session is ‘Fly in , Fly out of foreign law firms’. There will be a lecture on the topic by Mrs. S. Karpagapriya (Advocate & Guest Faculty, TNDALU) followed by a discussion. Please join us
63 9th January 2012
CNICA has been granted APRAG membership. CNICA is proud and happy to be part of the APRAG family.

16th April 2012
Second Study Session of CNICA on “Special Statutes and Arbitration” was successfully delivered by Mr. Cyril Mathias Vincent.


“KLRCA is conducting a ‘Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration’ between 7th and 13th April 2012. Please follow this link for further information.”


“CNICA will host the Inauguration of its Study Session on 3rd March at 5.30 pm at Andhra Mahila Sabha, Mylapore, Chennai. Inaugural Address will be delivered by Hon’ble Mr. Justice V. Ramasubramanian. Please confirm your attendance for this free event by emailing

Invitation Click Here !


19th January 2012
CNICA plans to conduct Continuous Legal Development programmes for the ADR community. First session in February. Please keep a tab on the News & Events section for further updates.


11th January 2012
Mr. Raghav Ravindran. BA (Hon.) UK, BL, MBA has been appointed as the new Registrar of CNICA.


9th January 2012
CNICA has been granted APRAG membership. CNICA is proud and happy to be part of the APRAG family.


Mr.G.Ashokapathy, Secretary General,CNICA has visited Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (KHIAC) on  11.01.2010 and met Mr.Gary Soo, Secretary General and Mr.Dennis Cai, Asst. Secretary General, HKIAC and had a discussion for entering into a co-operation agreement.


CNICA and ICLP Arbitration Centre, Sri Lanka entered into a co-operation agreement during December, 2009


D.Saravanan, Chairman, CNICA & G.Ashokpathy, Secretary General, CNICA, attended an international conference held at Colombo, Sri Lanka and also had a discussion with Mr.Vijyaratne of ICLP on Arbitration ADR.


Mr.D.Saravanan, Chairman, CNICA visited Hong Kong on an invitation to attend the international conference on 'Commercial Contracts and Alternative Dispute Resolution 2009', organized by Lexis Nexis on 21st and 22nd April, 2009.


CNICA and CNICA Mediation Center at Kanyakumari District in Nagarcoil was inaugurated by on 14.4.2009 by His Lordship Mr.Justice K.Venkataraman.
Mr.D.Saravanan, Chairaman of CNICA had welcomed the gathering, followed by an address by G.Ashokapathy, Secretary General of CNICA, on “Arbitration and ADR –  Conducive mechanisms”.

Mr.M.Joseph Benedict, President, Bar Association, Nagercoil had felicitated. Inaugural address was given by His Lordship Mr.Justice K.Venkataraman.

Finally vote of thanks was rendered by Mr.R.Anetter Allwyn, Kanyakumari District Secretary CNICA.


CNICA entered media partner agreement with Informedia on 7.10.2008.


Michele J. Briancon, an International Arbitration lawyer and Senior Associate of FRORIEP RENGGLI Law Firm of Zurich, Switzerland visited CNICA on 29.12.2006 and had a discussion with its team regarding International Arbitration in India .


ODR specialist Mrs. Chittu Nagarajan from Malaysia delivered a lecture on Mediation and ODR for the members of CNICA at SIHPA Hall on 23.12.2006 .


As on December 2006 CNICA has administered more than two thousand domestic arbitration dealing financial disputes, contractual disputes, commercial disputes,etc. and dealt with various institutional arbitration cases.


The Tamilnadu Chapter of the Indian Association of Lawyers on 9.12.2006 honoured the Chairman for the Outstanding Contribution in the field of Law and Justice.


On 8.12.2006 , the Chairman gave a speech on the Legal aspects of the Environment at Global Youth Summit, OISCA International at Coimbatore


SOFADS(Society for Alternative Dispute Resolutions) team headed by its Secretary were hosted by CNICA in its Venue on 29.11.2006 .


The Secretary represented CNICA in the International Arbitration Conference hosted by ICC India and FICCI Arbitration and Conciliation Tribunal on 29.11.2006 at New Delhi . Preceding the conference the Secretary had a meeting with Prof.Pierre Tercier, Pre


On 6.11.2006 , the Chairman of CNICA gave a presentation on Need for Institutional Arbitration at the inauguration of SOFADS.


NSIC (National Small Industries Corporation) Arbitrators were trained in Effective Arbitration on 28.9.2006 by the office bearers of CNICA at Software Technology Parks of India, Chennai.


The President and other office bearers of Tamilnadu Chamber of Commerce and Industry visited CNICA on 15.9.2006 and expressed their interest to have cooperation and technical help from CNICA to create their own arbitration institution at Madurai , Tamilna


CNICA was invited to participate in the In-house Congress (IHC Mumbai Congress) at Mumbai on 12.9.2006 . The Chairman and Treasurer attended the one day congress and were enriched on the matters of Project Finance, International Arbitration, Investment ar


Huge demand for Comprehensive Arbitration Services created a necessity for expansion of CNICA's Arbitration facilities. Upshot was the creation of Two Large Arbitration Halls and One Mediation Hall on 28.8.2006 . As a result Four Arbitration Halls namely,


Formal visit by the Executive Director and Officer in charge of Nani Palkhivala Arbitration Centre on 17.8.2006 to CNICA lined a proposal for co-operation.


“Trinity Mirror” published an article about ADR and CNICA on 30.07.2006 .


Mock Arbitration was successfully organized by office bearers of CNICA at CIDC – EDP on 10.6.2006 .


Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) invited the Secretary of CNICA to train Civil Engineers, Architect, In house lawyers and Construction Industry Contract Officials on 9.6.2006 under its executive development programme on “Contract Managemen


The Honorable Chief Justice Mr.A.P.Shah, High Court of Madras inaugurated CNICA Mediation Center on 31.3.2006 at Library Hall, High Court of Madras. On the same occasion the first publication titled,“Supreme Court on the Arbitration and Conciliation Act,


Mr. Kumar Hathiramani, President of ADR Barbados praised CNICA's involvement in promotion of ADR in India on his visit to CNICA on 30.3.2006 .


During March 2006 an article titled, “An easy alternative way to resolve disputes in a speedy and less expensive without knocking the doors of courts” in Satta Parvai, a vernacular legal magazine.


Press release about Arbitration and its scope was published on 27.2.2006 in Education Plus of “The Hindu”.


Article titled, “Come out of Court” was published in leading Tamil Daily, “Dinamalar”- Sunday Special on 5.2.2006 and described the activities of CNICA in promoting Arbitration and ADR particularly at Grassroot level.


The Chairman of CNICA spoke about Arbitration and Dispute Resolution at Madras School of Social Work for Post Graduate Course in Personnel management and Industrial Relations on February 2006 .


On 30.1.2006 the CNICA team met the Vice Chancellor of Dr. Ambedkar Law University and gave an introduction about CNICA and its activities.


The Secretary of CNICA was invited to deliver a lecture on “Indian Arbitration Legislation” at the National Workshop on 23.1.2006 organized by Indian Institution of Technical Arbitrators


The secretary of CNICA was invited to deliver a lecture on International Commercial Arbitration at Symbiosis Society Law College and ILS Law College , Pune on 18.1.2006 .


Mr.R.D.Rajan the author of the first book on ADR in India was invited to CNICA on 3.1.2006 .


Delegates from CNICA participated the Symposium organized by The London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) on 12.11.2005 at New Delhi .


Anna University 's Civil Engineering Department had on 25.10.2005 invited CNICA's Secretary to lecture on Contract Management and Arbitration.


On 22.10.2005 Mr. Naresh Kumar, Advocate and Company Secretary along with a group of Company Secretaries visited CNICA to discuss their contribution to institutional Arbitration.


Retired District Judges of Tamil Nadu had on 7.10.2005 meet the office bearers of CNICA to explore their opportunities in Arbitration.


On 6.10.2005 , the Chairman visited the National Arbitration Forum (NAF)- Domain Name Dispute Resolution Provider, USA .


The Vice President of American Arbitration Association's Minneapolis Chapter was pleased to welcome our Chairman to their institution on 5.10.2005 .


CNICA's Chairman attended a training program on October 3 - 4, 2005 , and was certified to be a Trainer for Managing Work Place Conflict by Mediation Training Institute International, Minneapolis, USA .


CNICA sent its first delegate, its chairman, to participate in the International Conference on Mediation organized by ACR , USA , during September 28 – October 1, 2005 .


The prime object of CNICA had come true on 23.9.2005 ; the first Institution Case was invoked.


On 19.9.2005 , former High Court Judge and Chairman, Intellectual Property Appellate Board, Justice S. Jagadesan visited CNICA.


The visit of Ms.Chittu Nagarajan paved way in CNICA's team venturing in to ODR simulation on 14.9.2005 .


Ms. Chittu Nagarajan Co-founder of online dispute resolution (ODR World) visited CNICA on 3.9.2005 .


On 12.8.2005 CNICA had the opportunity to receive delegates from Indian Institute of Technical Arbitrators.


CNICA membership became global on 27.7.2005 when it received its first overseas member application from Brunei .


21.7.2005 was the day on which CNICA was exposed world wide by


On 6.7.2005 , in Prime Time News of SUN TV (Viewed by Tamil Audience world wide) an interview by CNICA team and the arbitral venue was broadcasted.


On 5.7.2005 the website of CNICA was activated. The website address is: http://


On 16.6.2005 Professor Roger P. Alford of Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University School of Law, Malibu , California , USA made a visit to our arbitral venue and had a discussion with our team. Further he was elaborately informed a


On 1.5.2005 an article about CNICA and its activities was published in “Vasantham”, magazine of Dhinakaran in the style of “Law in our hands”.


During April 2005 an article titled “Role of CNICA” was published in Benefit Fund Association's publication – Nidhi Kadir.


On 23.03.2005 CNICA was inaugurated. It was a gracious function attended by leading legal practitioners, senior Advocates, young lawyers, businessmen and in-house lawyers. As a first Arbitration Institution in South India Providing Secretarial assistance


The Role of CNICA”, Vol.3, Part 4, Recent Arbitration Judgments (RAJ), December 2004 .


CASC Bulletin ARBITRATION: An Effective Mode of Resolving Disputes”, Vol.3, Issue 8, CASC Bulletin, November 2004 .


CASC – GAP Presented a paper on “An Effective Mechanism for Dispute Resolution” before the Chartered Accountants Institute, Chennai (November 2004 ).

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