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We strive to bring clarity and resolution to complex legal conflicts, empowering parties with a fair and efficient path towards reaching an agreeable solution.

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We employ a rigorous approach and efficient processes, while providing practical rules that comprehensively address every contractual issue.

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CNICA - Your Trusted ADR Partner.

CNICA is your trusted dispute resolution partner providing institutional arbitration, mediation, and conciliation services in India. With a panel of experienced arbitrators and online dispute resolution options, we have been serving the community since 2004.

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Resolving Disputes Globally with Expertise and Innovation - CNICA

At CNICA, we promote and facilitate national and international arbitration to effectively resolve commercial disputes. With a panel of experienced arbitrators, we establish and follow arbitration rules, publish dispute resolution clauses, and provide training and educational programs.

We conduct workshops, seminars, and conferences and encourage research to popularise ADR mechanisms and provide the best platform for resolving disputes.

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