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The council provides and promotes national as well as international arbitration as an appropriate and desirable means for the resolution of commercial disputes, that is to say:-

(i) Constitute / establish panel of eminent arbitrators from India and Abroad.

(ii) To follow arbitration rules emanating from best features of common and civil law systems after extensive consultation with practitioners in different arbitral systems.

(iii) To publish and recommend clauses for dispute resolution through arbitration or ADR mechanism, or a combination of both. Further, design such clauses suitable to be used in contracts to cover future disputes and also for agreements made after a dispute has arisen, thus to provide for CNICA administered dispute resolution.

(iv) To promote and popularise the amicable and effective settlement of national and international disputes with various ADR mechanism.

(v) To popularise arbitration as an effective dispute resolution mechanism with moderate cost (cost effective) and speedy settlement of commercial disputes.

(vi) To co-ordinate/assist ADR proceedings by establishing facilities and providing administrating services.

(vii) To promote and effectively act as a balance to social and economic needs of the community.

(viii) To provide training in ADR and related matters and to Award Diplomas, Certificates and other academic affiliations.

(ix) To conduct Workshop, Seminars, Conferences etc.

(x) To encourage research and studies on various aspects of ADR.

(xi) To provide membership to all sort of communities (Corporate, Professionals, Individuals & Students).

(xii) Finally providing the best platform for ADR.